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We provide tailored advice to meet your unique business needs. Our expert advisors understand that every business is distinct, offering personalized guidance to ensure your incorporation aligns seamlessly with your goals. 

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Select our set-up services for a rapid and efficient setup process tailored to your business requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to streamlining the incorporation or registration experience, ensuring a smooth and prompt initiation of your business. 

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We prioritize transparency in pricing to build trust and empower our clients with clear insights into the cost of our services. Our commitment to  understandable pricing sets us apart, ensuring that you are fully aware of what you are paying for with no hidden fees. 

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Embark on a journey to incorporate your business in Singapore with our expert consultants. As a dedicated provider, we guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with Singapore’s business regulations. Benefit from our comprehensive assistance, covering everything from name reservation and document filing to obtaining necessary approvals, making your experience efficient and hassle-free.

Incorporation for Foreigners

Starting at $1000

Includes government fees

Share certificates

First Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Sole Proprietorship for Foreigners

Starting at $800

For single owner

Includes government fees



Partnership for Foreigners

Starting at $800

Partnership or LLP

Includes government fees



Does Singapore require a corporate secretary?

For incorporated companies in Singapore, you are required to appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months from incorporation. A corporate secretary must meet certain requirements including being a natural person that is a local resident of Singapore.

How long does it take to reserve a business name?

Reserving a business name is pretty straightforward. As long as the name you’d like to register is not taken or needs to be reviewed, it typically is approved same day.

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